London-based composer and producer, creating solo piano, classical and electronic-influenced music.

I was inspired to take up the piano in my early twenties by the likes of Phillip Glass, Michael Nyman and Yann Tiersen. Self-taught as a classical pianist, I studied music theory in order to take exams for piano performance and at the same time began composing and scoring pieces for solo piano, also beginning to perform in venues around London.

More recently, I’ve branched out into orchestral, soundtrack and electronic music, influenced by neo-classical and ambient artists including Brambles, Dustin O’Halloran, Nils Frahm and Max Richter.

I’m happy to consider collaborative projects, as well as creating bespoke music for media. For all enquiries contact mattstewartevans [at] hotmail.com

7 thoughts on “About

      • Thanks for replying to me. I keep listening to that November piece, and it is helping me write a book, the main theme of which is how a pianists music influenced nature. Your task, if you wish to try it out, is to write a piece that would cause the birds to fly to the tempo of your music. Is it possible to discover the hidden tempo in nature? Something to shoot for, and I think you have the sensitivity to handle such a task, your music gets very close.

        Highest regards



  1. Oh, now sir, this is just too much! Currently listening to your wonderful piece called “The Search” and I am in massive addiction to your talent. Hope you are still thinking of charming the birds.

    Highest regards



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